The modern era is witnessing many major changes in the lives of people. Technology is making important changes for increasing the ease of living. The television industry is witnessing some major changes. The traditional television service providers are almost under doom. Its place was taken by online streaming servers. Online streaming service providers are ruling the entertainment sector.

The number of online streamers is increasing. Online streamers are born almost every day with many advantages that the previous one lacked. 123movies is a popular online streaming service provider. 123movies let you watch unlimited television shows, television series and full movies online. 123movies stream full episodes of the hit television series. You can discover new movies and television shows easily via 123movies.


123movies was developed in Vietnam. It was called the world’s most popular illegal site by the Motion Picture Association of America in March 2018. In October 2016, Business Insider reported that 123movies was the most-used pirate website in the United Kingdom.

123movies included HD, HD-RIP, Blu-ray and camera qualities of film. The video hoster and players used by 123movies were Openload, Streamango, and Mycloud.

In 2017, the creators of 123movies launched another streaming site named AnimeHub.to. it remained online for few months after 123movies was shut down.

123movies was shut down in 2018 based on a criminal investigation by the Vietnamese authorities. It was shut down on 19th March of 2018 with a note on it’s homepage urging its users to respect film makers by paying for movies and television shows.

The network is still active via clone sites. The site went through major name changes to not to be caught by authorities after being shut down. The different names used are GoMovies, Gostream, etc…

Highlights of 123Movies:

123Movies became well-known because of its feature-rich and user-friendly interface. It is easy to navigate through the large amount of information available on the website because to its user-friendly interface. The genre categories and release year made it simple to get the information you required. Furthermore, by providing the newest films as soon as they were released in theaters, 123movies met the expectations of devoted viewers.


123movies doesn’t has any membership plans or hidden charges. It can be used even without signing up. You don’t have to pay a single penny to watch movies, television series or television shows via 123movies.


NO. 123movies is not a safe platform. It is an illegal site. Also, it may spread virus or malware into your device.

The Impact of 123Movies on the Film Industry

With the rise in popularity of 123Movies and other pirate websites, the film business suffered greatly. The previous system of distribution was threatened by piracy, which resulted in massive losses for businesses and artists. As consumers shifted to free streaming options, the industry had to adjust its strategy to counteract the detrimental effects of online piracy on income streams. It accomplished this by highlighting how crucial it is to implement cyberattack defenses and investigate cutting-edge distribution techniques.


The contents of the website is daily updated. That means many movies and series are uploaded in 123movies every day.

Free of cost. There is no membership plans or another hidden charges to use the services provided by 123movies.

Latest movies are available.

Can be accessed via different domain names.

Movies are updated while they are running in the theaters.

User-friendly interface.


123movies was shut down in 2018. But it’s still available via clone sites. It’s definitely an illegal site running without any license or copyrights.


123movies was shut down in 2018. After the shutdown, the site remained active via clone sites. The site was active under different domain names. The domain names keep changing to escape from authorities. The different domain names used are Gomovies and Gostream.


123movies contain actual videos that can be watched in the 123movies website itself. It doesn’t redirect you to any other servers.

Fmovies redirect you to other servers that actually contain the videos. Fmovies only has links to the servers that provide streaming of movies or series.


YESMOVIES: Provides good quality content to its users. It streams latest movies, documentaries, television series and television shows. You can choose the content according to different countries and genres.

POPCORNFLIX: Released in 2011. It is only available in North America. It works on gaming consoles, streaming devices and web browsers. They offer lots of web series. They offer television shows including cartoons.

TUBI TV: Offers a collection of free movies and television shows in any device. You can sign up for free. Tubi TV has a collection of the latest action films from major Hollywood studios. It also has hundreds of titles from other genres.

VIDICS: Famous for its huge collection of movies. This site also provides accurate information about the movies it streams. The information provided includes the name of stars, director, producer, etc… You need flash player to stream the contents of Vidics.


123movies is one of the earliest online streaming service provider. It is also one of the popular streaming websites. It had a wide audience from different parts of the world. The shutdown hasn’t reduced its activity in the field. It continues to work via a clone site with different domain names.

Online streamers like 123movies is conquering the entertainment industry. There are different types of online streamers. Some online streaming applications require payments and have different types of membership plans. Some others like 123movies are running with free of cost services. There are many free service providers. It’s important to make sure that the website or application you are using will not cause any problems to your life. Using illegal sites, if caught may give you some major punishments. Therefore, you are supposed to access it anonymously via VPN or website proxies. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN increases your security and privacy protection while browsing the internet. It hides your IP address and let you access pirated servers anonymously. You can secure your online activities by using a VPN.

The Internet has various advantages. When used in moderation, it doesn’t cause any harm to you. The problems start to arise when you have crossed the boundaries. Make sure that you are not using illegal sites. There are many alternative sites for illegal sites like 123movies. You can use them abundantly and do eliminate illegal sites for your goodness. Follow social etiquette and be on the safer side always.

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